Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hey guys!
Did you know that the Spanish word for sustain is sostener or aguantar? I was on and I clicked on translate. I looked up sustainability but it couldn't find it so I put in sustain and it said that the Spanish for it is sostener. I found that really interesting and I thought it would relate to our sustainability study and we are also learning Spanish at the moment so I thought it would fit in with out studies

Friday, June 26, 2009

Footprint diary

Hey guys!

This week for my footprint diary I think I did quite well.

Here are my results...

Reusing snap block bags: I reused 3 snap block bags this week.

Buying food with less packaging: I think we did well with that.

Using green bags instead of plastic bags: When mum did the shopping she used the green bags instead of the plastic bags they give you at the supermarket.

Footprint diary

Footprint diary

Hey guys!

Last week for my footprint I think I did really well.

Here are my results...

Reusing snap block bags: I did pretty well on this last week as i reused one bag every day so that is 5 bags.

Buying food with less packaging: That didn't really work out very well because we brought some extra food for the swine flu pandemic so we bought more packaging than usual.

Using green bags instead of plastic bags: I did pretty well on this one because this week when my mum went shopping she used the green bags instead of getting plastic ones at the supermarket.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Footprint diary

Hi guys!
for my "reduce your eco footprint" this week i have done epretty well. I reused two snapblock bags and I used on yesterday and I put them in the drawer and someone put it in the bin so when I went to reuse it this morning it was gone! also this week i asked my parents to buy some green bags an they ddid so now we use them instead of plastic bags.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my abodo

hi everybody! i did this thing this afternoon where i built my own eco house! it is really cool and i put mine at the bottom of my blog so you can see it.
here is the website:

Footprint diary

For my footprint diary my challenge is to reuse snap block bags. When I take them to school I have to take them home and then use them the next day. Its going to be hard but I think I can do it and every week I will add to this post and let you know of my progress. this is all to save the planet and if i can reuse bags i will probably save about 10 bags each week! thats alot!!!

My 2 other things are:
I'm going to try and reuse plastic bags from the supermarket and I'm going to try and buy food with less packaging

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes about architecture

On Wednesday the 3rd of June a man called Kris Wilson came to talk to us about sustainable architecture. He said that he builds houses, kindergartens and restaurants. he said its about living, interacting, maths, science art, building, and creativity. He said he had to do things like make sure they would be weather and tornado proof and they had to be free standing. It involved lots of timber and wood and sometimes steel to hold things together. He said that small is good because if its a small home it uses less resources. The houses that he designs have to have high insulation and sometimes solar panels to heat the water for the insulation.

Here are some pictures of the houses he has designs:

notes about worms

On Tuesday the 2nd of June two men called Clement and Jo and a women Lauren came from the organisation SIFE to talk to us about sustainibility and worm farming. They talked about social sustainibility, economical sustainibility and enviromental sustainibility. They also told us how long it takes for things to break down.
Paper: 2.5 months
Milk carton: 5 years
Cigarette: 10 years
Tin can: 100 years
Beer can: 200-500 years

they talked to us about comsuming and not to buy products that don't have sustainable packaging so that mounds of rubbish don't end up in the rubbish bin.