Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes about architecture

On Wednesday the 3rd of June a man called Kris Wilson came to talk to us about sustainable architecture. He said that he builds houses, kindergartens and restaurants. he said its about living, interacting, maths, science art, building, and creativity. He said he had to do things like make sure they would be weather and tornado proof and they had to be free standing. It involved lots of timber and wood and sometimes steel to hold things together. He said that small is good because if its a small home it uses less resources. The houses that he designs have to have high insulation and sometimes solar panels to heat the water for the insulation.

Here are some pictures of the houses he has designs:

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  1. Great work JJ! you obviously took good notes! This note taking skill will be really valuable when you go to highschool!!
    keep it up:)

    ps. kris designs houses and kindigartens he doesnt build them but he did tell us that he used too buidl them