Wednesday, May 20, 2009

supply and demand

When studying economics we look at supply and demand. when the price and quantity are right, supply ans demand reach an equilibrium point price and quantity are effected by the producer and consumer. the producer can only sell their product at a price the consumer is willing to pay.

when there are lots of products(high supply) the price is driven down, when there are fewer products(collectables)and demand is high the price is driven up.


this is a graph explining the supply and demand.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My job on the island continues...

Hi guys!

Here is some more information on my job at the Matai island:


you have to clean out the field everday once day.

    Equipment to clean out the field:
  • wheelbarrow

  • broom

  • hose

  • shovel

  • pitchfork

pousonous plants

  • deadly nightshede

  • foxglove

  • bracken

  • ragwort

  • hemlock

  • thorn apple

  • yew

  • buttercup

  • acalea

  • puple milk vetch

  • water draftwort

  • crab apples

  • flax

  • hellebore

  • horse radish

  • horse tail

  • lupin

  • milkweed

  • monkhood

  • st johns wort

  • rhodendron

  • oak and acorns

My job on the island

Hi everyone! I know I've already done a post about this but now I've done some more research and I found out some more information. Here it is:

  • White face

  • Snip

  • Stripe

  • Star

  • Blaze


  • Stocking

  • Sock


  • Bay

  • Black

  • Blue roan

  • Brown

  • Chestnut

  • Cream

  • Strawberry roan

  • Skewbald

  • Piebald

  • Palomino

  • Grey


  • Bridle

  • S

  • Bit-snaffle, d-ring, loose ring, eggbutt

  • Flash noseband

  • Drop noseband

  • Standing martingle

  • Running martingle



Includes grass, hay and chaff.


Includes oats, barley, and sugar beet cubes.


Are tasty treats like apples and carrots.

Friday, May 15, 2009

my farmer

Hi everyone! This is what my job on the island consists of...
curry comb: To loosen extra dirt and hairs.
Dandy brush: To brush the horse.
Body brush: To remove dirt.
Hoof pick: To clean the hooves and check for loose stones and horseshoes.
Mane comb: To untangle knots in the man and tail
If washed: Use scraper to scrape of the water.

Feeding: treats; apples, carrots, etc.
1. Hold out your hand so the horse can sniff it
2. Hold your hand as flat as you can, with your thumb straight beside your fingers.
3.Place the food on your hand and hold it steady, the horse will eat the food off your hand.
Tip: They can only eat food of your hand if it is held flat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The art of mapping...

Hi everyone!
Today in class we discussed how to do mapping. The reason for this is because we have instead of drawing an island with buildings and roads and other details we have to make a MAP of our island. So we had to use our atlas's to find out what all the symbols are for forests, rivers, airports etc. Now all we have to do is the mapping, it will be tricky but i think i can do i i put some hard work into it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Limestone imformation

Hi guys!
I found some information about limestone and I thought it would be of some use in our Matai islands project since our items to work with are uranium and limestone.
Here it is:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My job on the island is..

A farrier is a person that specializes in horses hoofs. They are in charge of trimming and cleaning horses hoofs and being a farrier will be part of my job on the island. My full job will be to take care of all the horses and make sure they are fit and healthy.

My job will include:
*Making sure the horses are fit and healthy.
*Grooming them- which means to brush them and keep them clean with sponges.
*Growing grass for the horses to eat.
* Importing hay from different parts of the country for the horses in winter.
*Picking their hooves and making sure they are clean.
*Making sure that the horses are warm when they are put in their fields and have coats on.
*Having a vegetable garden with carrots, and other vegetables for the horses to eat.
*Calling the vet if one of the horses become sick.

1st blog

hi everyone!
before i made this blog i had another blog wich is my school blog and i still have that one

here it is:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco houses

uranium information

hi guys!
i found a website about uranium and i thought it would help with our matai island project. Here is the website;