Friday, May 15, 2009

my farmer

Hi everyone! This is what my job on the island consists of...
curry comb: To loosen extra dirt and hairs.
Dandy brush: To brush the horse.
Body brush: To remove dirt.
Hoof pick: To clean the hooves and check for loose stones and horseshoes.
Mane comb: To untangle knots in the man and tail
If washed: Use scraper to scrape of the water.

Feeding: treats; apples, carrots, etc.
1. Hold out your hand so the horse can sniff it
2. Hold your hand as flat as you can, with your thumb straight beside your fingers.
3.Place the food on your hand and hold it steady, the horse will eat the food off your hand.
Tip: They can only eat food of your hand if it is held flat.

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