Sunday, May 10, 2009

My job on the island is..

A farrier is a person that specializes in horses hoofs. They are in charge of trimming and cleaning horses hoofs and being a farrier will be part of my job on the island. My full job will be to take care of all the horses and make sure they are fit and healthy.

My job will include:
*Making sure the horses are fit and healthy.
*Grooming them- which means to brush them and keep them clean with sponges.
*Growing grass for the horses to eat.
* Importing hay from different parts of the country for the horses in winter.
*Picking their hooves and making sure they are clean.
*Making sure that the horses are warm when they are put in their fields and have coats on.
*Having a vegetable garden with carrots, and other vegetables for the horses to eat.
*Calling the vet if one of the horses become sick.

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